Why You Should Choose Premade Fan Lashes?

pointy base premade fans lashes

What are premade fan lashes?

    Premade fan lashes have been created in the eyelash extensions factory with a mold. This type of fan is typically uniform in shape and size. They have been made for those who do not accept volume lash training or want to improve the application efficiency and save time.

What benefits do you get from wholesale premade fan lashes?

Time is money.

    Premade fan lashes would save half-time on volume lashes sets for you and your clients when you use them. For example, it takes you about 2-2.5hrs on volume lash application for each client. If you use premade volume fans, you can finish this job within 1.5hrs. That means you can accept and serve more people each day, thus improving your income.

Easy to master.

    If you do not accept volume lash training, premade fans would be the best tool for you to offer volume lash service. Since they fanned already, you can use premade lashes just like applying classic lashes.

pointy base premade fans lashes
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Premade lash tray price is high? But your time costs much.

    Yes, premade fan lashes have a higher price than handmade lashes. Because you use finished fans and do not need to create fans by yourself, which would save nearly half the time. You should know the composition of your lash service price. If your labor time cost is higher than lash trays, premade lash fans will be your choice. If not, please choose handmade lashes. Lash artists’ time is limited each day, and dealing with many jobs, so the time cost is much higher than a few lash trays.

More options.

    There are long stem lashes for fuller lash design, short stem lashes for fluffy design, and pointy base lashes for ultra-dramatic lash design. So you can create any lash sets for your clients with premade lash fans only.


    Since premade fans could help your lash business, why not try them to improve your income. And your customer experience would be better because you could offer a perfect eyelash application in less time. If you have any inquiries about wholesale premade volume fans, contact us anytime.

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