How to Do Lash Extensions for Older Clients?

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    Navigating the art of lash extensions for an older client can be challenging. When applying extensions to older clients, as a lash artist, you must exercise more caution; after all, no one wants their look to go awry!

    In this blog, we’ll provide you some advice and pointers on how to help your older clients obtain the gorgeous lashes they want without any hassle. Let’s look at how you can secure your own success — and theirs! — by applying lash extensions perfectly on even the most difficult-to-please (but definitely worth it) senior citizens.

How to prep natural lashes for older clients?

    Whether your client is a teenager or an older person, it is important to prepare natural lashes before applying lash extensions. However, as you get older, preparing natural lashes becomes more difficult, and you need know how to do it correctly for the best results.

    Our skin becomes more oily as we age. It’s always necessary to eliminate excess oil from the client’s natural lashes with the appropriate products. Charmelash Eyelash Extension Shampoo has a mild and natural solution that effectively removes oil or makeup residue from lashes without upsetting the sensitive skin of aging clients.

    Charmelash Eyelash Extension Primeris also an excellent tool for prepping and cleansing the lashes of clients. It can remove any oil, protein, or debris from the natural lashes, resulting in a flawless lash surface for adhesive to adhere to and enable for longer retention.

What type of lashes to use?

    Since we absorb less nutrients as we age and our hair follicles decrease, older customers have weak lashes that are thin and brittle. As a result, their natural lashes cannot withstand much weight without breaking or falling out.

    Instead of large fans or thick extensions, try lighter lashes, such as 0.03 diameter lashes. This will not only be healthier for their lashes, but it will also give them a wispy natural look that looks wonderful on senior customers.

Consider using brown lashes

Brown Lashes

    As we become older, the color of our lashes, like the color of our hair, lightens. The lashes of older clients will appear more golden or brown rather than black. As a result, you might try utilizing brown lash extensions on elderly customers to give them a more natural look!

    If you have trouble seeing light-colored natural lashes against the white under-eye pads, use a piece of black paper tape on top of the eye pads. The light-colored lashes stand out against the black background. However, you should remove some of the tape’s adhesive before using it, as the paper tape can be too sticky to apply directly to the natural lashes.

What curls to use?

    Aging causes skin to loosen and droop; older people frequently get droopy eyes; thus it can be difficult to choose the perfect curl for mature clients.

    L and L+ Curl lashes are recommended for senior consumers to enhance the appearance of droopy eyes. L and L+ Curl lashes can give clients with hooded eyelids, deep-set eyes, and droopy eyelids an open-eye effect. L+ Curl Lashes are curlier than L, so if your clients like a more dramatic look, they can go for L+ Curl Lashes.

Use gel pads and sensitive tape

Eye patch Lashes Extension

    The skin around our eyes is the thinnest on our bodies, and it thins with age. As a lash artist, you should take extra precautions to protect your senior clients’ fragile skin. When removing the bottom lashes, avoid using tape since it will irritate the additional skin.

    When separating the bottom lashes, always use gel eye pads and delicate tape on the lids. Charmelash Under Eye Gel Padscan properly hold down the bottom lashes while nourishing the under eye area with elements like Vitamin C and Aloe Vera Extract. You should be especially gentle with your elderly customers!

Which lash thicknesses and lengths to choose?

    Natural lashes on older individuals are typically thinner than those on younger clients. To achieve a gorgeous classic lash look, use lash extensions with a diameter of 0.10-0.15 mm.

    In terms of length, it’s best to keep the lashes short and no more than 2mm longer than the natural lashes. Long lashes will accentuate bald areas on the lash line, and the retention will be short.

    Use somewhat longer lashes only on elderly clients with droopy or hooded eyelids, as their lashes tend to conceal behind the eyelids when the eyes are open.

Which lash style is suitable for older clients?

Cashmere Lashes

    For mature clients, you should always choose the rounding effect. By placing the major height of the set above the pupil, this style can visibly open up the eye and aid to hide the hooded eye. The short lengths utilized in the inner and outer corners preserve those delicate parts and prevent sagging, which makes them appear fatigued.

   Furthermore, mature clients should avoid styles that attract attention to their eyes, such as Cat or Kitten eyes. These styles will emphasize their heavy, drooping and aging eyes of older consumers. Only adult clients with raised eyes rather than hooded eyes are appropriate for cat or kitten eyes.

Use Volume Lashes

Semi Permanent Lashes

    Avoid applying classic or flat lashes since they are too bold for most senior customers, and classics are usually excessively heavy. Some senior consumers may be able to tolerate the 0.12mm classic lash, the market’s thinnest classic lash. However, because most mature clients’ natural lashes thin out and grow sparse over time, a classic set in 0.12mm is unlikely to provide the ideal effect.

    Instead, utilize volume lashes to achieve the soft, fluffy, and extra coverage look on older customers. It’s encouraged to hand create your fans, so that you have the control over the width and diversity of measurements required in your set.

    Handmade fans also have a thinner base, which allows them to bond better to their finer natural lashes. Remember to balance your set, therefore utilize broader fans in sparse regions like the inner corners.

    While completing the lash mapping, make sure your customers sit up straight and directly in front of you. Remember to make a mark on the client’s eyelid where you want to build height so that you can map them appropriately when the eye is closed.

    In this blog, we covered the sorts of lashes and lash styles that are appropriate for older clients, as well as some factors to consider. Because mature clients’ skin is more sensitive, you must take additional care of them. If you can put your information into practice and continually improving your talents, I’m confident you’ll have plenty of loyal customers in no time!

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