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 As we break down gender norms and redefine what beauty means, it’s clear that lash extensions, once exclusively popular with women, are finally a unisex trend!


Lash extensions have long been a staple in women’s beauty routines, but we have seen a noticeable shift! Men are now discovering the transformative power of lash extensions, from subtle enhancements to more dramatic looks. Believe it or not, many of Lash trainers have a significant male clientele! The key is in the application and style – something that we specialize in – but we’ll get onto that.


The short answer is yes, men can and do wear lash extensions – of course! The growing trend of men opting for eyelash enhancements is a testament to the changing perceptions of male grooming, which is what we love to see. We’ve observed that males who are seeking lash extensions usually opt for more natural lash styles to simply enhance their features, which is great if they have sparse or short lashes. Natural eyelash extensions offer a subtle enhancement that can complement their natural features. 

So why should men tempt themselves into getting lashes?

Well, like anyone who likes beauty treatments for aesthetics, lash extensions on men can be a very bold and eye opening look, literally! Men typically have longer and thicker lashes, so working with what is already there, having lash extensions can further open up their eyes, create more depth by accentuating their natural lashes and give an overall more refreshed look to the face.


For male clients, a subtle and classic set goes a long way. Men often ask for a rather understated lash set to accentuate their eyes. Nude eyelash stickers showcase the perfect natural look. Working with what the client already has, the Nude Map simply elongates the lashes creating a lift. Using Classic individual Chelsea Silk Lashes in predominantly B and C curls will create a very smooth and gradual transition, ideal for the Nude Look. Using shorter lashes from 6-10mm again guarantees a more natural finish. If the client’s lashes are long to begin with, simply build up from their natural lashes but make sure to keep your lash map uniform and cohesive.
Overall lash extensions for men is a beauty trend that is becoming more common, and with that come more questions from a new demographic of clients. Understanding their needs and current knowledge of lash extension treatments will help you to help your clients.

nude look lash map


Aftercare for lash extensions is crucial, regardless of gender. Men should follow the same aftercare regimen as women, including avoiding water and steam for the first 24-48 hours.Your clients should also be using oil-free products, brushing their lashes daily, and, of course, using a foaming lash shampoo to cleanse their lashes. Not only will these steps prevent nasties like lash mites and blepharitis, they’ll keep the lashes looking as fresh and full as possible.


Breaking beauty boundaries is super important to us! By embracing eyelash extensions, men are breaking beauty boundaries and challenging traditional norms, which we love to see. It’s a step towards a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry, where self-expression knows no gender limits – and isn’t that what beauty is all about? 
Back to the pressing question we started with, the answer to “Can men wear lash extensions?” is a resounding YES!

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