7 Best Lash Styles For Almond Eyes

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Almond-shaped eyes have a captivating charm that many envy.

 If you’re lucky enough to have almond eyes, you’ve got a canvas ready to rock a variety of eyelash extension styles. In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore how different lash styles can accentuate the allure of your almond eyes, making them even more mesmerizing.

Almond eyes, as the name suggests, are named after the shape of an almond. This eye shape is characterized by eyes that are slightly upswept at the outer corners, giving them an elegant and exotic appearance.The beauty of almond eyes lies in their symmetry and the fact that they can pull off a wide range of lash styles, from natural to dramatic, with ease.

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What to consider when choosing lashes for almond eyes?

Basically, when it comes to almond eyes, there are three main points you need to consider to choose the right lashes:

  • The length of eyelash extensions
  • The curl of eyelash extensions
  • The facial figures

Almond-shaped eyes are usually twice as wide. They are high and are considered the most common eye shape.

Best lash styles for almond eyes

Almond eyes are considered one of the most versatile eye shapes for eyelash extensions because they naturally have an elongated, slightly upturned shape. But here are lash extension styles that work exceptionally well for almond eyes:

  1. Cat-Eye:
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Almond eyes are practically tailor-made for that classic cat-eye allure. Cat-eye extensions are all about those long, flirty lashes that sweep towards the outer edges, giving you that timeless winged eyeliner look. It’s like bringing out the natural beauty of almond eyes and adding an extra splash of glam.

To pull off the cat-eye style with your almond-shaped eyes, you’ll want to opt for longer extensions that gracefully curl towards the outer corners. Think C or D curl extensions for that unmistakable winged effect. And don’t forget to play with lengths, keeping them a bit longer at the outer corners and gently tapering as you move inward.

  1. Natural Volume
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If you’re all about that dreamy natural vibe, then volume extensions are your go-to pals. They’re like your best-kept secret for amping up the lushness and definition of your almond eyes, without going overboard on the length.

Getting that effortlessly natural volume look is as easy as pie. Just snag some lash extensions with different lengths and thicknesses. Those little fan groups with 2 to 6 ultra-thin extensions? They’re like magic wands for adding some oomph without making you look like you’re trying too hard.

  1. Doll-Eye
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If you’ve ever dreamt of those wide-eyed, doll-like peepers, then doll-eye extensions are like your fairy lashmother! They work like pure magic to give you that captivating, innocent gaze that’s just too cute to handle.

To create doll-like eyes, use extensions of varying lengths. you will want to mix it up with extensions of different lengths. Think of it like creating your own lash masterpiece! Shorties go on the inside corners, and the long, glamorous ones take center stage.

  1. Open Eye
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If the doll-eye style wasn’t quite what you were looking for, then Open Eye extensions might be your new go-to! These extensions take that bright and wide-eyed effect to the next level, giving your almond eyes an extra dose of openness and freshness.

Here’s the secret recipe for the Open Eye Style: Grab those longer extensions, usually in the 9mm to 12mm range, and focus on the middle of your lash line. It’s like an instant eye lift!

  1. Wispy
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For almond-eyed folks craving a soft, dreamy look, Wispy extensions are the one! These lashes are like a gentle, feathery caress for your eyes, creating a textured and ethereal effect that’s oh-so-romantic.

To whip up this dreamy look, you’ll need lash extensions with mixed lengths and curls, typically in a B or CC curl range. This combo adds that beautiful texture and feathery appearance that’ll make your eyes feel like they’re in a fairy tale.

  1. Kim K

Get ready to channel your inner Kim Kardashian with this style! Inspired by the iconic celebrity herself, this lash look is all about the drama. We’re talking dense, longer extensions that scream red-carpet-worthy lashes.

To nail the Kim K-inspired vibe, your lash artist will work their magic with extensions sporting a D curl. They’ll carefully select lengths ranging from 12mm to 16mm to craft those bold, captivating lashes that’ll have you feeling like a superstar. It’s time to own the spotlight!”

  1. Bottom Lash Extensions
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Don’t forget the lower lashes! Almond eyes can look enchanting with lower lash extensions, providing a well-rounded, captivating gaze. For lower lash extensions, lash artists should choose shorter, lighter extensions (typically 6mm to 8mm) with a B curl. These delicate extensions provide a subtle yet enchanting effect on the lower lash line.

It is not always easy to choose the right eyelash extensions, but we hope you are more able to choose the right eyelash extensions for clients who have almond eyes with our article!

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