Best Lash Extension Styles for Close Set Eyes

Close Set Eyes

Are you struggling to map the perfect lashes for close-set eyes? Or maybe you’re stumped on what style to pick. Either way, CHARMELASH are always prepared.

Whether you’re looking for new techniques or you’ve never attempted a set like this before, we’re here to be your lash angels and teach you how to identify and work with close-set eyes.

Understanding Close Set Eyes: Features and Characteristics

Although it may seem pretty obvious that close-set eyes are close together, you’re going to want to know how to identify them when you work with a new client. Otherwise, you could end up applying a set of eyelash extensions that aren’t going to work with this eye position.

Unlike working with specific eye shapes, sussing out the position of the eye can be a little trickier.

Generally, this eye position is when there is less than one eye’s width of space between the eyes. This makes them seem closer together and as if your client has much smaller eyes than they actually do.

One of the most important things to remember is that no matter what position the eyes are in (close-set, wide-set, etc.), this doesn’t determine the eye shape. Clients that have close-set eyes could have hooded eyes, downturned eyes, almond eyes, upturned eyes, monolid eyes, or round eyes. In fact, the possibilities are endless!

The good news is that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to flex your creative lash-mapping skills and create gorgeous, curated eyelashes to suit your client to a T. Still, knowing the best techniques and style of lashes for close-set eyes is essential to making the perfect set.

Selecting the Right Lash Styles for Close Set Eyes

Lash Style 1: Cat Eye

The Cat Eye is one of the sexiest eyelash extension styles around, and it works beautifully with close-set eyes. It’s usually characterised by longer and more dramatic eyelashes towards the outer corners of the eyes, resembling a cat’s eye.

By adding this extra length to the outer corner of the eye, the Cat Eye style visually pulls the eyes apart and creates an illusion of wider-set eyes. It effectively counteracts the closeness of the eyes and makes them seem more balanced.

Lash Style 2: Fox Eye

The Fox Eye lash style is another of our favourite eyelash extension styles at the moment and has become a huge hit among the beauty community. This style is inspired by the trendy ‘fox eye’ makeup look. Like the Cat Eye, it works by using longer eyelashes that create an elongated and lifted eye shape (almost like upturned eyes) at the outer corners of the eye.

This style can work really well with close-set eyes because they help to lift the eyes outward, making them seem as if they’re further apart. It also works really well for someone with an almond eye shape and can help to compliment the eye’s natural position.

Lash Style 3: Natural Eye

The Natural Eye look uses more natural lashes to create a simple, elegant, and beautifully understated look. The best technique for the Natural Eye style is to use lashes that are evenly distributed across the lash line and follow the same length patterns as natural eyelashes.

This style works well for most eye shapes (including round eyes and those with an almond shape) and subtly enhances the close-set eye shape without drawing too much attention to their position.

eyelashes extension

Lash Application Techniques for Close Set Eyes

Placement Tips for Close Set Eyes

The main goal when you’re applying eyelash extensions to this eye position is to visually balance the space between the eyes. To do this, you’re going to need to concentrate on the outer corners of the eye. You can use your tweezers to apply longer lashes towards the ends, creating the appearance of wide-set eyes.

Make sure to gradually increase the length of the lashes from the inner corner to the end, with the shortest lashes in the inner corners. This draws the attention away from the close inner corners and enhances the overall eye shape.

In some cases, leaving the inner corner free from extensions can also help to prevent overcrowding and give your client a more natural appearance.

Customising Lash Length and Curl

With closer eyes, you always want to gradually increase the length of the lash extensions to create a gradient. Your main focus here should be on the outer and inner corners. On the outer corner, there should be more volume and drama. On the other hand, the inner corner should be subtle and have short, natural-looking lashes.

When it comes to curls, however, you have a lot more freedom depending on what your client wants. The curl types that work with this eye position include natural curls, a C-curl for a less intense lift and curly lashes (like a D lash) for drama!

Care and Maintenance Tips for Close Set Eyes

Proper Aftercare for Lash Extensions on Close Set Eyes

Once you’ve done your mapping and application, it’s time to make those eyelash extensions last! But once your client leaves your treatment room, there’s not much you can do about how they treat their new set.

All you can do is give them the best advice on how to look after their new lashes. After all, no adhesive in the world is strong enough to make up for poor lash maintenance.

Here’s the advice you should give to your clients to help them maintain their eyelash extensions:

  • Never everrub your eyelashes or tug on your extensions
  • Cleanse and brush your eyelash extensions every day to keep them in tip-top shape
  • Avoid sleeping with your face in your pillow and rather sleep on your back
  • Don’t use any oil-based product on your face or near your new lashes

Handling Potential Challenges

Besides getting your client to come in regularly for touch-ups and refills, there are some other challenges that may pop up that you’ll need to know how to handle.

Firstly, you should advise your clients not to curl their lashes unless they want to ruin them. Instead, they should pick their curl beforehand so that you can customise their set. You should also let them know that shedding is totally normal and will happen over time. However, they can lessen the shedding if they use the aftercare tips we’ve shared above.


Want to learn more about other lash styles and application techniques? CHARMELASH has you covered!

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